Training Heels

Hey everyone, so today I wanted to take the time to talk about how the actions we take as an adult or parent affect how the current and future generations will turn out to be. As you might already know, we live in a society where most kids look like adults and adults strive to stay young. Adolescence is no longer known, by the time a kid is hitting the double digit age they already know what drugs are out there, all the curse words, and what styles are in. It’s funny, you always see a scene on TV were the parent says “when I was you’re age …” and as a kid, at least in my opinion, I didn’t pay too much thought into it. Now as an adult or, in my case, as a parent I catch myself thinking the same thing. Take into account that most parents of recent generations have had kids by their early to mid-20s. Compared to the older generation that had their kids between their 30’s and early 40’s. It’s sad to say but I know that from the early 2000’s the number of single parents has risen. With this change, in my opinion, has brought a different mentality of someone thinking “I will never let anyone screw me over again and ill teach my kid not to let themselves be screwed over.” This is where my main focus of the week comes into mind. Parents now days are intentionally or unintentionally teaching their kids different values to live by. Most kids today are more concerned about rocking the hottest shoes, getting fresh cuts every week, or having the designer accessories. For instance, there are not many kids playing with toys or having dolls. Sure, maybe up until they are 5 or 6 years old but soon after come the drastic changes. Now young boys are raised getting dressed in what most people will say is a cute outfit and their hair cut on a frequent basis. Ironically, if you gave an adult that same matching outfit and haircut, now that guy is considered a “fuck boy”. I remember as a kid, I use to see little girls wearing small heels, but today I see young females getting eyebrows down, mani/pedi, and a face full of make-up. In no way am I saying that a parent isn’t allowed to do this or that it is wrong. All I am saying is that our kids are growing up being more concerned about appearance then just enjoying their childhood. A common comment or compliment you might see for a little one is “oh! He’s going to be a little heart breaker” or “all the boys are going to be chasing after her, be careful!”  I’m also not saying that every kid is being raised to be a “fuck boy” or a “thot”. I just feel like every kid has their time where they want to leave adolescence and move into maturity. There is no need to rush these kids or make them feel like they can just be a kid. From my personal life, one of my kids is very much a child at heart. He loves to use his imagination, play with toys and teddy bears. Now, you also have my younger son who naturally gravitated to watching sports and trying to act like he’s 15. In both cases I just let them be themselves but at the same time guided them to know what’s good from bad, if they are overstepping a boundary and what is right from wrong. Remember that these kids are our future and just the way we told ourselves that we would be a different type of parent to our kids, they will probably do the same. So if you can teach them one thing is to cherish their childhood because once you become an adult, you’ll always wish you could be young again. At least I know I have that thought, with that said until next time remember live to the fullest, love unconditionally, and laugh till you cry. Also feel free to let me know your thoughts or point of view.

One thought on “Training Heels

  1. Honestly I love this post. Not a lot of ppl call it out how it is. In my case I do think it’s not okay to dress your kid as a player or heartbreaker on either side wether boy or girl. I was once shared a story although it was real life and still consider it a great life lesson. There was a young man picking flowers here and there (messing around with girls) not caring for their feelings nor if in any case using them only to get what he wanted by words looks and appearances. Now a lot of women would say, OH NO THAT WOULD OF NEVER HAPPENED TO ME OR MY DAUGHTER, but the fact of the matter is that there are girls even boys falling for these situations. Anyway, there was this one girl who lost her virginity to him(like many other girls had as well) and ended up pregnant. As usual he ended up breaking up with her hurt her feeling and brushing off the situation as another fun passing time. After some days had passed, the girls father knocked on the young man’s door. The young man’s father answered and let him know what was going on. The girls father very mature and politely letting him know what happened and asking what should be done, of coarse, he expected the young man’s father to respond responsibly and maturely. Unfortunately, for his surprise, the father laughed and said oh his just messing around he’s having fun his a player. The girls father asked the young man’s father, do you have any daughters? Of which he answered, well yes I have a 5 year old daughter and a teen. To which the girls father says, I most definately do not wish anything bad upon you or your family, but know this, what you plant you will harvest. Pray that this never happens to one of your daughters and that she is responded the same irresponsible way you just answered me. Needless to say it did come to be. The young man’s father would condone the child to act this recklessly from a very young age. The young man’s father on the other hand told his daughter she needed to help around and learn to be a housewife. Although giving her the liberty to come and go as she pleased, she too, ended up in the same situation her brother had brought upon another girl. I am not saying all the kids are going to grow up with this mentality nor that all parents condone this behavior either, but what we are teaching our kids not only with words but with our actions will effect there life values. We are examples to our children and word do impact. This blog definitely is eye opening and inspiring.

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