Quote of the Week #4

We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.

-Maya Angelou

So many times when we are faced with a difficult time or decision we tend to have a negative outlook. We start questioning “why me?” or start thinking that we are never going to get out of the situation. I for one am one of those people who would get caught up in that mentality. This quote is a reminder that we are only defeated when we let our failures consume us. We all fail and we all have hard times, but it is how we handle these situations which will get us past it. Don’t let a failure keep you down, use it to motivate you to do better next time. Don’t let hard times determine your future, instead use the experience to push yourself in order not to have to face them again. If you are thinking that you can’t do it alone then reach out to someone, anyone, and everyone. If you really can’t find someone feel free to contact me, I am always will to listen and give you my advice or point of view. As my old personal trainer use to tell me “tough times don’t last, tough people due” and I believe we all have the power to be tough and make it out of any situation.

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