Quote of the Week #5

Anger doesn’t solve anything. It builds nothing, but can do destroy everything.

-Lawrence Douglas Wilder

After this morning, this quote stood out to me like a red rose in a world of black and white. This morning seemed to be one of those mornings where anything that could go wrong, did go wrong. Kids took forever to get ready, hit almost every red light going to work, tried avoiding traffic just to hit more traffic, and couldn’t find a gas station when I was almost on empty. Needless to say I started getting pretty angry and I hadn’t even started my day. So when I looked up some quotes, as I usually do, I came across this one which brought me back down and made me re-evaluate my morning. So many times people have days where everything just goes wrong. When we have these days it’s so easy to get mad which I was, and for those who truly know me know that I don’t get mad easily. This quote reminded me of the dumb, reckless, and dangerous things people do that can potentially kill someone because they were mad. As hard as it may be when we are mad, we need to remember that getting upset will not solve our problems. There are countless of videos were someone gets mad over something small. More common are videos of people who get road rage from getting cut off and ends up ramming the other person or worse pulling a weapon out.  Whatever the reason may be we need to learn to be a couple things: empathetic, rational, and able to let things go. We can never truly know what another person is going through, so why get mad. Instead try to understand that the other person might be having a bad day as well. You also need to be rational, for example if you’re mad because traffic isn’t moving is it really the best idea to honk like a maniac or drive in the emergency lane just to be ahead. The biggest thing is letting things go, being able to say that someone’s actions will not affect you or your mood. This can save you the headache of being angry for no reason the rest of the day. So if you ever having one of those days just do like the movie frozen and let it go. As always, remember to live your best life, laugh like crazy, and love unconditionally.

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