I want a girl who is funny, smart, and has a big ass. I only date guys who are fit and are 6ft or taller. These are things that I’ve seen, heard, and read, but that’s not all. These are also people who will say, or post, things such as I want the person I am with to except me the way I am. People are out here looking for perfection (physically) who will love their imperfections. So here’s my question, how is it OK to have such strict standards for others but at the same time expect someone to except you flaws and all? It’s simple really; the answer is… it’s not. You can say all you want like “I just know what I want” or “I’m not the type just to settle for anything.” I agree you should not have to settle, but in the sense of being treated right, being loved, or respected. We are so caught up in appearances that we lose sight in what truly matters, personality.  In my opinion, looks should come second to someone’s personality. Is there a point of being with someone who is only physically attractive but is a shitty person? Can some of you say that you would be willing to be with someone that matches your visual expectations but treats you like shit? Honestly, I can say with confidence that some of you guys would or are in that specific situation. I have come across couples, which in all honesty; I’ve thought what does he/she see in him/her? This is something that we, including me, are accustomed to do. Why though? Is it truly necessary to questions someone’s reason for being with someone else just by their looks? What if you were with someone and some random person thought “they are not good enough for their partner.” Not because of who you are but only because you were not attractive enough to this random person. I am a true believer that if you meet someone and they have a great personality they will be physically attractive to you. As well as, the opposite where a bad personality can make you unattractive. I’m also not saying that you can’t be both. Before writing this, I questioned if I should or shouldn’t write this post. Part of me thought about the backlash or the negativity that might come with it. For instance, have you ever told someone beauty is in the eye of the beholder and their response is “that’s something an ugly person would say.” You know what? Fuck that mentality and fuck that type of person that will bring you down with their negativity. Whether someone is bald, short, fat, skinny, tall, hairy, or just dresses different it doesn’t mean they are not worth the time in getting to know. We need to learn to accept people for who they are and how they look. Would it really kill you to give a person a few minutes of your time and get to know them? If things don’t click then at least you gave it a shot, but if it does! Then think of the connection you might have just made. This goes way beyond dating or love, this could apply to so many aspects in life.  If you don’t feel any different in giving people a chance after reading this then that’s fine, it doesn’t hurt me any. On the other hand, if you can take in what I said and give people the chance to talk to you without making them feel like you’re put off by their appearance, you have just made society a better place. In addition, If you are the type of person who is self-conscious or insecure about your looks, just know that you are worth so much more than you think. Embrace who you are, take the chance and talk to anyone and everyone. In this world, that seems to be consumed with hate we need to spread the love and acceptance. Well as always thanks for reading this, leave any comments, feedback or if you think someone you know might need to read this feel free to share.

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