The Time Is Now

You don’t think this is global warming.

OK fine… Newsflash!!! This is just a warning.

this is just a taste, a glimpse of what’s to come.

You think scientist do research and people protest just for fun.

Don’t believe all the hype and follow the leading fool.

This is a big topic that is even discussed in school.

Summers starting to feel like your living on the sun or maybe standing on hot coal.

Ocean waters rising, it might just swallow us up whole.

It’s becoming Game of Thrones and winter is coming.

Will be migrating like birds but we won’t fly we’ll be running.

Running for the warmth and running away from the problem.

Just to realize we killed all the plants and eliminated pollen.

Cities are in trouble and people are in danger.

Some people look at the issue like it’s a creepy stranger.

This doesn’t affect one person, this affects the masses.

Out of sight out of mind don’t apply to greenhouse gases.

We are killing our friends, our kids, and our partners like a praying mantis.

Better grow some gills soon in case the earth becomes Atlantis.

People more concerned about celebrities, it’s becoming a distraction.

It’s time to get woke and take some fucking action.

We’re stuck on our phones it doesn’t take that long to look up a solution.

We all know “recycle, reduce, reuse” can help decrease pollution.

Let’s open up our eyes and start to face the truth.

Don’t need to wait till your standing in a booth.

To solve this problem you don’t even need a pen.

You can do alone or you can bring along a friend.

we must find a way to help, someway or somehow.

don’t wait for the future, when the only time we have is now

Let’s not realize that this battle has solutions, it’s something that could be won.

Don’t let it get to point when we look around just to see that the world is done!

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