Take the Fake

We are now almost done with February and most of us have said or heard all the New Year’s resolutions. We all know the usual “this year I’m going to the gym”, “this year I’m making the most of it”, and today’s topic which is “this year I’m cutting out all the fake people.” I have narrowed it down to two choices: you can take the fake and be just the same way or you can take all that fake shit and kick it to the curb.

It is too common now days for someone to fabricate a lifestyle, identity, or mindset. You have some people that have pages full of uplifting, inspirational and positive quotes but in real life they can be mean, pessimistic, or an overall jerk. You also have these people, not just on social media, which flaunt a false lifestyle by driving the latest luxury car or having every new pair of Jordan’s. I’m not saying that everyone is out there with the intention to brag about what they have. Some people just have a different priority, which is ok; I am referring to those select individuals driving the newest BMW and thinks they are better than those who don’t but then turn around and can only afford things off the dollar menu. It is easy to watch someone’s YouTube or Facebook live and think “they are so nice, I wish I could meet them and hang out with them” Just to get your wish and realize that they can care less about you and only want your attention for their ratings.  This is where I feel that if you don’t care about the fake then enjoy the little illusion you chose to see. I can’t, nor can anyone else tell you what to do, like, or believe in. But in doing so, I believe you are being just as fake as they are.

To those who say they want to get rid of the toxic relationships, the fake friendships, and the negative acquaintances; then don’t wait for the beginning of the year. I get it, it’s a part of the “New Year New Me” craze. Where we all like to feel like we are starting fresh and it’s the perfect time to detach, but why? Why do we have to wait till the New Year? What if you realize someone is being a complete fake in April? Are you telling me you will just sit around for another 8 months putting up with that bullshit? There is no better time than now. If you want to make the most of your life then don’t wait for a fresh start, make your fresh start. It can be May 25th or August 11th. The point is that you do it, not when you do it. Don’t have that friend that is always pretending to be nice when they see you, but know they talk shit about you to other people. That work friend who pretends to care about your personal life, but know they only want you to help them with their work load.

In this world the last thing we need is to be fake to other and to ourselves. We have to love and embrace who we are. There will be people who won’t like you, just the way you will come across people you aren’t fond of either. This doesn’t mean that you need to be fake to make them happy. You can just not deal with them at all, be upfront and tell them nicely the reasons you don’t like hanging with them, or simply be civil with them. This can go the other way around too; if you feel like someone is distant simply ask if there is a reason as to why. Don’t go trying to be their new best friend just so they accept you. With that being said the decision is always yours. Until next week remember to live your best life, spread love, and laugh till it hurts.

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