Hey everyone, welcome to The Fire to Inspire and thank you for taking the moment to visit my page. My name is Howard Garcia; I am Salvadoran American, and father of 4 amazing kids. I created this page to inspire anyone who is going through a tough time, feels misunderstood, or is stuck seeing life from one point of view. This blog in a nut shell is also just my views on issues, opinions and how minor changes can make a big impact. To get to know a bit more about myself I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I am the youngest of 10 kids, same father but not all from the same mother. Some things about me are I am a big movie buff, I listen to all types a music, I consider myself an amateur artist/photographer, and I love being out in the wilderness. To get a bit more personal, I spent the early years of my childhood living in the heart of Hollywood up until the age of 12. The major change that flipped my world around was the murder of my dad when I was away at my sister’s Army boot camp graduation. That day seems like it went by in a flash but seems like it just happened yesterday. Not to get into too much detail but my father was strangled and tortured by a man named Robert Roses, a convict who had been released for similar crimes. After my dad’s death, I moved out to “The Valley” or North Hollywood, CA. to be exact where I would finish my remaining schooling while dealing with depression, alienation and drug use. One thing that helped get my mind off life was art, graffiti to be exact, as this was my escape and my way of expressing myself. If you want to see any of my artwork you can check it out on IG and I will post the link below. Those who knew me knew that I was the shy quiet type but could adapt to my surroundings, at least I think so. The one thing about being the quiet one is I learned to be very observant and read through people’s bullshit. After I finished high school my passion was joining and being part of the military. Since I was still underage and my mom didn’t really approve… I had to wait till I was 18. Once I was turned 18 guess what I did? Yup I got a tattoo and yes, I joined the army reserves, but only because my mom would have died if I joined active duty. During my military career I got deployed to Iraq for about a year and some months. Shortly after I returned is when I met the person who little did I know would be my wife. After the birth of my twin boys I ended up working a retail job where I worked my way up to department manager. After eight and a half years I finished my military contract and also lost my retail job around the same time. I then decided to study medical billing and coding and ended up working in the medical field till now. Throughout my life I have been through numerous challenges, issues, and achievements which have made me who I am today. For now, I will be posting a new post once a week but if time permits it might be more. In the near future, since I am a movie buff, I might start a movie review/recommendation on a different day for all you movie goers. So once again I thank you for following my blog and encourage you to leave any comments, questions or recommendations of topics you would like me to discuss. On that note remember to stay positive, be happy because your actions can inspire anyone and everyone.

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