Quote of the Week #3

“We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that they are someone today.”           -Stacia Tauscher

This quote makes me realize that sometimes we focus more on what we want for our kids in the future. Instead of focusing on what kids need now. I know that it is nice to dress your kid up and have everyone gawk and compliment how cute they look. Is that really what they need though? I don’t think their first thought is getting the latest clothes or any other materialistic item. I hope that this quote opens our eyes to realize that kids need love, attention, and good values to live by. The last thing we would want is for the kids to look back and realize they were hurried through their childhood and have nothing to reminisce on.  The usual life expectancy today is 78 years, which childhood is only a small fraction of that. So, let’s not forget that we should focus on them now and try not to get to caught up with what’s going to happen in 10 or 20 years.

2 thoughts on “Quote of the Week #3

  1. I definately agree. I see 13 year old girls dress as if they were adults and are more focused on materialism, vanity and other things that they shouldn’t be worrying about. It’s kind of funny I remember I was around 13 14 yrs old and I wouldn’t think about those things at all. My brother still walked me home from the store holding my hand, something which was viewed normal in Mexico bc we would take care of eachother, but here it was sexualized. I remember working at GLC and still not knowing what some ladies were talking about when using some sexual words and would get giggled at, but I was glad to have enjoyed my childhood and even some of my young adult stage not knowing these things. I am not saying i wasnt exposed to somethings but it wansnt out of the norm. My parents protected us enough to where we enjoyed our childhood as children. I could keep going lol I really like this quote. Definately something I always take into consideration my lil copy kids. Sometimes we dont realize just how smart they are.

    1. I think that is a big part, many parents dont think their kids understand but kids are always watching and learning. I also think you are right were everything has become sexual, for instance back then you could give a simple compliment but now everything is thought to be done for alterior motives. Thanks for the feedback.

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