Homeless, No Less.

How many of you have taken a close look at what’s happening around us? I don’t know exactly how it is in other states, but can you say that you’ve noticed an increase in the amount of homeless individuals? I don’t mean this in a negative way of wanting to get rid of them; on the contrary I mean this in a way that we should be trying to help them. I know that in most cases a homeless person has been given a negative vibe or persona. Sometimes you can’t help but think “oh! They will steal from me”, or “all they want to do is buy drugs.”  This isn’t the case with every homeless person, as some of these individuals want to get out of that situation but based on appearance no one will give them a chance. And before you start with your story of …I once gave a homeless person money and they did this or that, you have to take in consideration that you can’t base every person by one experience. I remember a few years back when I was young and dumb, I used to work at a grocery store, and every once in a while you had a homeless person come in and bought a Dr. Pepper and water with some of the money he had received. One day, I remember one day a coworker asked why he would always buy the same items. He said that before losing his job his favorite thing to drink was Dr. Pepper and that the water was for his dog that he had. I was a bit taken back that this man took the little that he had to enjoy such a simple pleasure that some of us don’t even think twice about. For so many of us, we are able to buy little things like a soda or a candy bar but don’t ever think what if you couldn’t even afford to buy that item. Now think bigger, what would you do if you they stripped away your money, your house, and your clothes (except for what you had on)? What would you feel after a few days? Now think of some of these people who have been in this situation, not only for days or weeks, but for years. Would you not want someone to help you, or have them look at you as a human? Let’s be real here, I know some people now days see the homeless as nothing or a burden. As a society, better yet as humans, we should help one another. Not because we think we will get something back or it will look good but solely because we are all the same going through different situations. For the most part we all hit a low point in our lives, some harder than others. Some of us have the support of others to pick us back up and some of us don’t.  I’m not saying you need to go out there help or give every homeless person. Even if you help just one, you can make that person feel like there is hope to get out of their situation or that they can survive another day. Also, it doesn’t always have to be money, you can give them food or the clothes/blankets you want to get rid of after spring cleaning. Why blankets? Well I know I don’t live in the Arctic Circle but during the winter when you want to rush home because it’s cold; imagine how they feel when they can’t go anywhere. Especially, if you see the same person every day or every week a helping hand never hurt. I will say this, be careful as some people have noticed that asking for money is an easy way to scam those helping individuals. Some differences I’ve noticed between someone who needs help and someone who doesn’t is the sob story they tell you without even asking. In most of these stories they are not even homeless they might be asking for a couple dollars for gas because their car ran out or they are from out of town and got jumped and robbed randomly. Well for anyone who knows anyone personally or encounters a homeless person regularly there are also many resources to help them. I am currently working on gathering all these helpful sites and locations that are here to help. So that being said till next week and remember to live your life to the fullest, love unconditionally, and laugh till you cry.

2 thoughts on “Homeless, No Less.

  1. I am always mindful of the growing numbers too. Like you, I know that they are not all drug users. My brother was actually homeless at one point due to a few unfortunate events. It can happen to everyone as far as I know.

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